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Lee Mills

Oooooh I LOVE this and guess what I just threw out in the garbage...derrrr....why didn't I look before I put the garbage out (hmmm by the way it was just collected too!)...ahh never mind we have a few more painting projects on the hop I am sure there will be another empty tin soon...I wonder do you know where to buy new ones???
Welcome back Wendy I missed you and your wonderful ideas!

wendy treseder

oh no! Lee! I hate it when that happens!
I was kicking myself when I realised I needed the box of system cards I'd thrown out only weeks ago, to make the Line a Day calendar. I had to go out and buy more. doh!
I guess the paint tin principal would work for any kind of cylindrical container, such as a milo tin.
I'm pretty sure you can purchase virgin paint tins at Bunnings, but haven't actually looked for them in years. I want to make another couple of tins myself, so I'll let you know if I find them.
Good to hear from you too xx

Paint stores

What % of retail price do wholesalers usually get? I want to sell my product to a chain of paint stores.?

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